Upstate New York Licensed Fishing & Camping Guide. Salmon & Steelhead trips on Lake OntarioTributaries.  Steelhead trips on some of the most beautiful Streams, Creeks and Rivers that Lake Erie has to offer. Trips  are Fly Fishing, Centerpin, Spin Casting and Driftboat.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Upstate New York is filled with a wide variety of Streams, Rivers, Lakes and Ponds which provide great opportunities for those who are seeking an adventure of a lifetime. Whether you are a Novice Fisherman or a Die Hard Angler our waters will give you an experience you will never forget. Surrounded by two of the Great Lakes which are Lake Ontario and Lake Erie that are join by one of the most powerful and beautiful rivers in the world " THE NIAGARA RIVER" . The Niagara River is known for the world famous Niagara Falls which flows from Lake Erie through the Upper River in to the Lower River and makes its way into Lake Ontario. Fishing opportunities are available in the Lower River for a mix of Salmon and Trout as well as other fresh water game fish. Although the Upper River and Lake Erie no longer have a Salmon run, they are plentiful with Trout, Bass, Pike, Musky and other game fish. Although we have trips for different species of fresh water fish our primary service is Fly Fish, Floatfish ( CENTERPIN) or Spincast for Salmon and Trout. Our Salmon run starts in September but can be as early as Mid August depending on weather, Rain and Temperatures are key factors for these fish to move up our streams and rivers. Once they start its game on for us, these big bruisers come up in large numbers from Lake Ontario for their annual spawn. They can be caught using a variety of different tackle and fishing styles. Salmon begin to slow down towards middle to end of October, But don’t worry our trout run is just heating up by then and they are available through out fall and winter and run even stronger in the spring. Our Trout/Steelhead run in Lake Erie Starts end of August on the larger Erie Tributaries and mid to small Tributaries will start to see fish later in the fall once there water levels come up with our fall rain. Cattaraugus Creek is the Crown Jewel of Lake Erie Tributaries from New York to Pennsylvania but there are many more that are just dynamite to fish. See our Destinations page for more detail



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